How do Innovative Gen works?

Innovative Gen is an advertising agency who realise the opportunities for both brands and families by marrying business need to advertise with families whom some passive income would go a long way. A picture is worth a thousand words and that is why our method work. Each day, thousands of our drivers take to the road on their regular commute promoting your brands on their car and get paid to do so. A daily drive to work is boring, that is why when your eye-catching advertising hit the road, it will attract lots of attention and giving your brand massive exposure.

How Effective is Innovative Gen method?

Advertising is all about exposure and cost, the more exposure and less cost the better. Car advertising secure the number one spot when it comes to best CPM (Cost per 1 thousand Impression). Car advertising CPM fall between 40c to $1.2 which is four times less than the closest competitor – online apps. According to a study by The American Association of Advertising, Fleet vehicle advertising boost name recognition 15 times better than any other type of publicity and more than 70% of people make buying decision upon seeing a car advertisement.



Cost to run a campaign with Innovative Gen

Innovative Gen vision is to help small to medium businesses get on the market in the most cost-effective way. Therefore our price reflects just that. When you choose to start a campaign with us, there are two costs involved:

  • Running cost: This is a weekly fee which starts from the moment your adverts are placed on our cars, until the moment the campaign is over. The ads example highlighted to the left will cost you $100 per week, per car for a driver who averages 300 to 400 km per week. Sign up five cars or more for a two weeks bonus per car.
  • Initial cost plus removal cost: This cost involve designing, printing, installing and removal of your ads and will be invoiced to you as soon as your adverts are placed on our car. Staying true to our vision, Innovative Gen offers to pay for 25% of this cost if your campaign goes for 3 months, 50% of this cost if your campaign goes for 6 months, 75% of this cost if your campaign goes for 9 months and 100% of this cost if your campaign goes for 12 months or more. Depending on your design, this cost can range anywhere from $800 to $1600 per car.

Assembling a Campaign

We start by setting up a meeting with you so we can understand the particular geographic location where you needs exposure. We will then present to you the different options on offer and their relative cost. We will then pair you with the best possible drivers for your brand needs.

Designing and wrapping process

This process usually takes 5 to 10 working days. We start off with tailor-made designs that cater to your brand goals. Then we will seek approval from you and our driver (any alteration to the design must be made here).

Campaign initiation

Using a pre-determined start date, Innovative gen will wrap and mobilise all of the campaigning Drivers. By driving within the specified targeted geographic area innovative Gen's drivers will promote a brand's message as they go about their daily travels. Our guarantee to our clients is that every car in their campaign will drive at least 1300 km per month and generate 700,000 – 1,200,000 impressions per month.


What is Innovative Gen?
Innovative Gen is an Advertising Agency that pays daily drivers to place removable advertisements on their cars through car wrapping.

How do I become a driver?
Applying is simple. Interested drivers visit and click on "Driver Application" on the top right-hand side of the webpage. It is a quick and straightforward application that allows Innovative Gen to understand your driving habits better.

Do I have to pay anything to get started?
No. This service is free to join and always will be.

What are the qualifications to become a driver?

  • Drive at least 300 km/ week or 1300km/ month
  • Good driving record.
  • Own a 2000 model car or newer.
  • Car paint must be in good condition.

When can I start?
The starting date is entirely dependent upon our partnering advertisers, and when & where they are looking to run campaigns. As soon as there is a potential match between your driving profile and an interested brand, we will get in touch with you through email.

How much money will I make?
Qualified drivers earn between 5c to 37c per km or $15 to $111 per week depend on the advertisement coverage for the duration of the campaign. All drivers have to do is drive as they normally would.

What are the decals made of?
The decals are adhesive, made of vinyl specifically used for cars. The vinyl will not damage your vehicle - it comes off spotless and protects your cars paint.

What parts of the car will be wrapped?
It depends upon the campaign, but the majority of the time we do side wraps and the back

How long does my car stay covered in advertising?
Our campaigns typically run anywhere between 3 - 12 months.

Can I choose what advertisement goes on my car?
Absolutely. We would never want you to display an advert that you are not comfortable or happy with. All our drivers have the right to refuse a particular brand or advertisement if you do not want it on your car.


How much exposure is one Innovative gen driver equal to?
Each Innovative gen driver is equivalent to a baseline of 1300 km / month and an average of 900,000 impressions / month. There is slight variability depending upon the size of the geography we are targeting.

Who are these drivers and why did they join Innovative Gen?
Innovative Gen are safe high-mileage drivers in the community who want to make residual income for driving around with a brand on their car. It's passive side income for doing something they're already doing – driving. More specifically our Innovative Gen are a collection of esteemed community members. They are a collection of nurses, engineers, teachers, etc., who have a consistent driving pattern, are safe drivers, have a 2000 model car or newer, and like and support the brand their driving with.

What happens if a Innovative gen driver gets into an accident?
If an accident occurs our drivers promptly notify Innovative Gen Driver which in turn get's passed back to the client. The decal is removed from the car and a replacement driver is used for the duration of the campaign. This is a rare occurrence as all of our drivers have been screened and vetted to ensure the highest degree of safe driving.

Legally speaking, how does this affect the driver's insurance?
The legal arrangement Innovative Gen structures with its' Drivers is that of an independent contractor. We contract the right to put our client's brand (you) on the side of their car. We explicitly state that the driver are never to drive around for the sake of advertising - this ensures that the Driver's personal auto-liability coverage stays intact. If an accident occurs, the Driver's personally held auto-liability coverage is in effect because they were driving for personal reasons; not for commercial reasons.

How do you select the Drivers for my campaign?
You tell us the geography you're looking to target, the quantity of Drivers you want to include and the amount of Km per week. We'll select the appropriate Drivers that match your criteria.

Can I give my campaign's driver marketing material to handout?
We do encourage our brand partners to give us marketing material that we can give to your campaign's drivers. Innovative gen Drivers get stopped frequently and asked about the car and the featured brand, so it's favourable to give curious inquirers a call-to-action. That said, Innovative Gen is not a guerrilla marketing street force program so the drivers are not obligated to go out of their way to pass out material.

What is your pricing model?
Innovative Gen charges Fortnightly based upon a fixed price per car for every car in your Innovative Gen campaign. Our CPM falls between 40c - $1.20 depending upon the population density of the area we're targeting. We encourage you to reach out to us for specific pricing regarding your next campaign.

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Payment Info

Commission per Km
  Small Car Sedan SUV/ 4WD Van / Family Van Sport / Luxurious
One Side Wrap 8 c 10 c 12 c 15 c - 25 c Negotiation
Back Wrap 8 c 8 c 10 c 10 c Negotiation
Bonnet Wrap 3 c - 4 c 5 c 4 c 3 c - 5 c Negotiation
Partial Wrap 20 c 25 c 30 c 40 c - 50 c Negotiation
Full Wrap 30 c 35 c 40 c 50 c - 60 c Negotiation

Payment scheme

How it works:

  • Complete and sign "Driver contract".
  • Get selected by interested advertiser.
  • Approve design by advertiser.
  • Get your car wrapped by Innovative Gen. Record odometer km.
  • Provide weekly proof of km driven and condition of ads.
  • Fortnightly payment.

Payment detail

Payment to any financial service other than ANZ may take up to 5 working days to arrive.

Declaration and signing

I here-by declare I have understood all the terms and conditions and the payment process and shall comply with the rules set out above.

Innovative Gen representative

Innovative Gen, 20/02/2020

By entering your name and clicking Sign and Submit you are confirming all consents and declarations made in this application.

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